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Wage calculator: How much do I make an hour?

how much do i make a year?
How much do you make an hour? If you receive a yearly salary, you may be wondering how much you get paid for each increment of time you work. How does your annual pay pan out on a per-hour basis?  Fill out the calculator below, and it will estimate how much money you earn hourly.

The “How Much Do I Make an Hour?” Calculator

What is your yearly salary?
(example: 22000)
How many hours do you work in an average week?
(example: 40)
How many weeks out of the year will you NOT work?
(example: 2)

At this rate, you earn an estimated per hour.

Different jobs under different professions are paid or compensated for their work in different ways. Many employees in various professions are paid a simple hourly rate, that is, these wage earners make a certain amount of money for each hour that they work.

Meanwhile, other jobs are paid by an annual salary. An annual salary is a fixed amount of money that is dispersed to the employees on a regular schedule throughout the year, and is typically not precisely fixed to the number of hours that this employee works (though employers still often have expectations for a certain number of hours worked by salaried employees).

If you work a job where you make a yearly salary, you may still be interested in how much you make equates to an hourly waged job. You may be considering taking another job that pays by the hour, you may want to compare to another job that you previously worked, or you may want to estimate how many hours it takes doing your job to buy sometimes or pay for a an expenditure like rent, mortgage, loans, or bills.